5 Simple Tips to Get More Clicks from Search Engines

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5 Simple Tips to Get More Clicks from Search Engines

You’ve spent months and thousands of dollars to achieve first page rankings. Yet your still not getting the traffic you thought you would from these keywords. Especially for pages that lead to generating the most revenue for your business. In this post I’m going to show you 5 Simple Tips to Get More Clicks from Search Engines.

Tip 1: Determine Most Crucial Pages

Not all your web pages are created equally. Some pages have a bigger impact on sales, engagement, and downloads. To prioritize your time and effort the first step is to find these pages. This can easily be done by accessing your landing pages within Google Analytics.

Landing Pages Google Analytics

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  • Navigate to the Behavior section in the left hand column of your Analytic account
  • Click Site Content then click Landing Pages
  • Reorder pages according to goal. In the image above I’ve organized my pages by revenue.

Tip 2: Optimize Meta Titles and Descriptions

One of the easiest and fastest ways to generate more clicks from the search engines is by optimizing your meta titles and descriptions. When someone does a search and your page ranks in the results. You have to do what it takes to attract the click. One way I like to better optimize my meta data and page content is to understand what keywords the search engines are displaying my content for. I do this by analyzing Google Webmasters Tools

Check out Meta Description Magic by KISSmetrics

Webmaster Tools Search Queries

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  • Once your logged into your Webmasters Tools account, navigate to the Search Queries section located under Search Traffic.
  • Change your view from Top Queries to Top Pages
  • Locate the top pages you previously identified in your analytics
  • Click the drop down arrow next to the page to view keywords

Now that you have a better understanding of what keywords your pages are showing for in Google. You can better optimize your Meta data for these keywords. Especially keywords that are getting a lot of impressions. Using keywords in your meta data will be shown in a bold type further helping your CTR.

Below is a search result for the keyword “Top Ten Muscle Building Supplements” If you notice I’ve highlighted 3 results. The higher ranking result may outrank the others, but that doesn’t mean it gets more clicks. The lower ranking results meta data is much more optimized for my intended search. More than likely if I search for the above query I want to see a list of the top 10 or more muscle/bodybuilding supplements.

Optimized Meta Data

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  • Having dates with fresh content can help CTR
  • Using Google Authorship will help attract clicks
  • Make sure to include keywords in meta data
  • Also try and use keywords in URL

Tip 3: Implement Schema Markup To Your Content

Using Schema markup will help search engines understand your content. This will also allow them to display rich snippets for your content in search results. Follow this link to better understand structured data markup and how to implement it into your site. About Rich Snippets and don’t forget to check out Schema.org

Tip 4: Brand Your Content

Another great tip for improving your CTR in search results is adding your brand to the title of your content. This helps add credibility to not only your brand but the content you create. Make sure to brand all content you produce. Whether it’s on forums, social media, guest posts, and anywhere else on the web. Below you can see search results where my brand is trickled in. Not only from my site but other sites as well.

Brand Your Content

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Tip 5: Implement Google Authorship

Google Authorship is a great way to protect your content, build your brand, and improve CTR from search results. In order take advantage of Google Authorship you need to have a google plus account. Follow this link to learn how to implement GA into your website: Click Here

Here are some other great resources for implementing Google Authorship:

Google Authorship Markup – KISSmetrics
Add Google Authorship to WordPress – Craig Fifield
How to Implement the Rel=”Author” Tag – Verve Search

How Are You Improving CTR?

What strategies are you using to help improve your CTR from search engines? Let me know in the comments section. Do you have a blog post that goes into detail on some of your strategies? Let me know and I can include them in this post.

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